Should I use a clay mask?

clay-squareClay masks are popular because of their ability to absorb and remove impurities like dirt, excess sebum and dead cells from the skin. This gives a deep cleanse which is otherwise difficult to achieve at home.

Using a clay mask can have a range of other benefits too, provided you use the correct one for your skin.

In our brand new Triple Action Oil Control Clay Mask we’ve used kaolin, a fine white clay which is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Unlike bentonite, which is also commonly used in masks, it doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin. We’ve also added in a range of other botanical actives like lentil seed, kiwifruit seed, balm mint, fennel and hops to not only cleanse the skin but regulate sebum and brighten the complexion too.

People with oily or normal skin can use a clay mask up to twice a week as needed, but a good starting point for most people is to apply it weekly. And here’s another tip: If you don’t like the uncomfortable “concrete” feel of a completely dry clay mask, just remove it while it is still slightly damp – you’ll still get all the skin-loving benefits.


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